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So, it's over. For a year, at least. I think I'm going to die... 'cuz this is everything I've always wanted Reichenbach to be, only ten times better. I mean, Martin... well, he should get a second BAFTA. And Benedict is simply perfect. He's body language, when he's talking on the phone... I cried. And then I cried some more until I was sobbing like mad, and looked like a zombie and got a headache.
Andrew and Loo showed their best, too. Especially Andrew. I love his Moriarty - he's insane and funny in the weirdest of ways and just so exaggerated that you just cannot hate him. Ok, in this episode, you can, but I loled so hard at "Honey, you should see me in a crown".  Jim I'm-a-Fucking-Queen-of-England Moriarty:D And Molly finally showed that she matters, that she's not just the background, and she sees a damn big part of what's going around.
And finnaly, Moffat and Co.
You bastards!
With your twittes and smugness and trolling around, playing with a delicate emotional state of your fans! I love you, you black-hearted trinity of awesomness.

And now...
I just wanted to write something about John. Poor, broken-hearted John. He's so loyal to Sherlock, isn't he? I don't think that his faith in Sherlock wavered for even a second all through that hell. With Holmes, he found his place on earth, and his speech at the cementary - well, I just lost it and sobbed like a lunatic. And Sherlock tried to shake that trust and that loyalty, tried to convince him that it was all a magic trick. That he is a fraud. God, he cried when he said that. He's trying to convince John, the person who has mattered to him the most, that he is exactly what he doesn't want him to be. And he's doing all of this because he wants to protect his frends, even though it means hurting them in a completely different way. And to think, that Sherlock Holmes cares...  And did you notice that Moriarty didn't mention Molly? Little, quiet, invisible Molly that ruined all he's plans, saving Sherlock (well, it's not official, but it's pretty obvious, isn't it? The question is only how exacly...)
This is the most heartbreaking exchange I've seen in a very long time. I think I'll go now, cry myself to sleep a little.
2013. This is just pure cruelty.
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